You’ve arrived.

This moment is an end and a beginning, for you.

Your attraction to Women that can get into your mind, use you, control you…that is not just a kink. The fetish is a symptom of a deeper psychological urge. A natural order. An instinct.

You were made to serve. I was made to control you. This realization alone has you aching.

I am well-known for My unique and creative powers of induction, and My prowess in Hypnosis and methods of Mind Control that range from the euphoric to the unorthodox. It goes without mention that I am also graceful, alluring, and My beauty alone has driven men to delirium…but it bears repeating.

I am not known however, for being lenient or naive.

While I Myself am an intellectual, cerebral Woman, I am not of the mind that it requires someone of My mental caliber to make a proper slave. Specifically, I know better than to think you capable. It is not your place to think, regardless; you are to listen and obey.

There are myriad layers and facets to what I do, which I have generously left you to explore on the path to your proverbial undoing.

Go on.